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Air con issues leave patients feeling the heat at Ipswich practice

27 August 2008

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Air conditioning problems at an Ipswich GP practice has led to patient complaints, it has been reported.

The Evening Star reported that hot and bothered patients have complained about uncomfortable levels of heat in the Ravenswood Medical Practice this summer, because the centre is not equipped with air-conditioning.

However, air conditioning is now due to be installed in the building’s waiting room in the next few weeks.

Practice manager Christine Watts told the newspaper: “When the building was built we were assured it didn’t need air conditioning because the designers and builders were very confident that the temperatures would stay within the regulations, with an upper limit of 28C.

“But we regularly had temperatures of over 30C and some of the consulting rooms on the south side have been up to 32C or 33C.

“It is hard to work in those temperatures and for patients to feel comfortable.”

While air conditioning is to be installed in the waiting room, Mrs Watts said the problem would remain in the practice’s eight consulting rooms as air conditioning was not being installed throughout the building.

Evening Star

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“We installed air conditioning during the last heatwave but we don’t seem to have seen the sun since!” – Name and address withheld