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Agile working guidance released

9 October 2013

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A guide to establishing an agile workforce has been published by the employers network for equality and inclusion (enei). 

Agile working is when an organisation empowers employees to work “when, where and how they choose”. 

According to enei, agile working will create a more responsive, efficient and effective organisation – improving business performance and increasing customer satisfaction. 

The document includes case studies of agile working ranging from the Metropolitan Police to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 

The five key principles of agile working are laid out in the document with the mnemonic TRUST:

 – Trust your people 

 – Reward output, not input 

 – Understand the business case 

 – Start at the top 

 – Treat people as individuals

The guide also acknowledges that four areas are key to implementing these strategies, these areas are Time, Location, Role and Source and a series of tips and enablers is given for each section.

NHS Employers has made the guidance available online for free.