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14 March 2011

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We are looking at ensuring our premises are ‘fit for purpose’ prior to CQC registration. How do we apply to the bank to consider lending against a capital project of this nature?

We have over 30 years’ experience of working with the GP sector, and a great number of our customers have been improving their premises or looking at new builds. We have a strong appetite to support this kind of project and have a number of tips for you to consider when approaching your bank for funding:

Talk to your healthcare relationship manager, because they will have lots of experience of working with customers who have undertaken similar projects.
As with all things, it is important that you undertake a full review and assessment of the planned upgrade. Consider what is important to your patients and how the new additions will enhance their experience when visiting your practice. Is it strategically better to improve your current premises or more cost-effective to consider moving to a new one? Also, given the emergence of GP consortia, it is important to check that any plans you have are in line with those of the consortium.
It is important to have dialogue with the PCT and establish a firm commitment from them to provide financial backing. If they do not support your plans, the consequences could be significant and mean a GP will have to personally fund the project.