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18 March 2011

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I have heard of new young partners unable to buy the practice, especially if they already have a student loan plus a mortgage. What could the practice be doing to support potential new partners?

As a responsible lender, we review any application for a partnership loan by:

Taking into account the track record and ability of the practice to generate income and service the debt.
Considering the financial standing of the new partner to meet any potential financial shortfalls – although note this is a precautionary measure in case such a scenario arose in the future.
  • We review each application on a case-by-case basis and always take into account the individual, but in situations where the income of the practice covers the loan this can often provide the level of security required to secure the partnership loan.
  • With regards to what the practice can do, it can look at deferred payment options for the new partner where the instalments are split over a number of years to make the payments more manageable. So basically each year the partner pays for a certain percentage of the practice.