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26 June 2014

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GPs demand halt to funding cuts

Doctors are demanding urgent halt to funding cuts that “threaten the survival of key GP practices”.

Fears that vital services could face closure if urgent action is not taken, were revealed at the British Medical Association (BMA) annual conference.

Doctors called on the government to reverse the decision to start phasing out the minimum practice income guarantee (MPIG) until it’s know how it could affect practices.

NHS England figures show that hundreds of practices across the UK could be affected, and the BMA claims that 98 could be at risk of closure.

Speaking at the event, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the BMA’s GP committee said there is mounting evidence that withdrawing MPIG will hit practices in challenging circumstances who often deliver care to vulnerable communities.

He said: “The decision to phase out MPIG is turning into a disaster. Despite promises by NHS England that practices will be supported there is little evidence on the ground that this is happening. The Government urgently needs to take steps to help GPs or there is a great chance that we will see vital services disappear in areas that desperately need access to high quality care.”