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Save your staff time with the Intradoc247 intranet system

1 July 2010

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Intradoc247 is an intranet system designed specifically for GP surgeries. A central and accessible store for documents and tools, it has proved a real timesaver, says practice manager Kathryn Wragg …

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Our practice has used a standard intranet for a number of years, which has in the past worked well. However, as user expectations increased, it recently became apparent that this was no longer fit for purpose. It was slow to find your way around and was difficult to upload, delete documents and maintain.

As a medium-size practice on multisites, we aim to be paperlight. We have used an intranet for all our policies, procedures, guidelines, referral forms, patient information leaflets, rotas, phone directories, etc. The idea behind this was that the user had as much information as possible at their fingertips. We wanted all this, together with greater functionality, in our new intranet.

Having looked at a few systems, we liked the Intradoc platform, supplied by PinBellCom Ltd, as it has the functionality to be tailored fully to our requirements. Working closely with staff and clinicians, we were able to develop a bespoke directory tree with a number of levels. Clear direction is given to guide you to what you require. The directory also features a good search facility for quick reference, and the viewable folders can be tailored to individual users.

All our policies and procedures have now been moved across to the Intradoc system, which flags up when these need review – this has proven to be a real timesaver.

We have also incorporated a complaints register and a significant-events register. The latter gives full documentation of any action or correspondence; it shows telephone calls to be logged for easy reference, and flags the status of each event. Permissions have allowed this sensitive information to be stored securely.

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Information governance (IG) compliance is achieved by enabling more information to be stored centrally on our server, rather than on desktop PCs. Intradoc is auditable, and limited access is available from home via login and password, so rotas can be viewed.

The intranet homepage is personalised for each user. A calendar, linked to the rotas, enables the user to see their individual schedule for the day, including any practice events (eg, TARGET), which is ideal for staff who work at different locations. Intradoc also features a noticeboard, detailing practice news. This allows easy two-way communication with all users – useful when feedback is required.

We have added our training records (eg, basic life support) to the Intradoc, which flags up a reminder when the next training is due. This is handy for the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), as is the record of hepatitis B status. Practice meeting minutes are available for easy viewing, as are web links giving access to commonly used websites and the primary care trust’s intranet, and there is scope for more.

It is intended that the Intradoc system will also provide the framework to document our requirements for registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Intradoc is suited to our multisite requirements. With some initial preparation, it has been straightforward to set up, and proved easy to alter when we changed our mind over certain details. PinBellCom provided any support we needed.

Feedback from users has been positive. Intradoc has provided us with a responsive, flexible intranet, which is easily accessible and has everything in one place. Using the system has meant less paper, fewer filing cabinets and more time for other things!

Kathryn Wragg is Practice Manager at Ferrybridge Medical Centre in West Yorkshire.

T    0113 384 5693
E    [email protected]

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