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Protecting your practice: is your locum cover up to the job?

4 June 2008

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As practice manager, you need to be reassured that when a GP or team member is absent, you have the insurance in place to cover the practice with minimal disruption. With more than 150 years of expertise, Wesleyan Medical Sickness, the UK’s only provider of permanent group locum insurance, provide comprehensive cover you can rely on.


Why you should talk to the UK’s only provider of permanent group locum cover
Even if a GP or key member of staff is absent for only a short time, it can put tremendous pressure on your practice.

You need to know that your locum insurance can help provide cover with minimal disruption. While many providers say they offer attractive rates, are you confident that your policy will deliver all the protection you need when you need it?

For comprehensive locum insurance, ask us about Wesleyan Assurance Society Practice Protector, available exclusively through Wesleyan Medical Sickness
As well as providing locum GP costs and part-cover for other key members of staff, Practice Protector features an extensive range of benefits, including cover until the policy ends, no matter how many claims are made and no standard exclusions.

Experts dedicated to you
Financial consultants from Wesleyan Medical Sickness have a level of insight unrivalled within financial services. We’re the only locum insurance provider with a sales force dedicated to GP practices. We offer expert advice with absolutely no obligation.

Here for you since 1841
Our specialist understanding is grounded in more than 150 years of expertise. Wesleyan Assurance Society began in 1841 and is still financially strong today.

It was in 1884 that we began to serve the financial needs of doctors, and you can benefit from our knowledge today through Wesleyan Medical Sickness.

No limit to the number of claims
It’s important to know how your locum cover could be affected when you claim. Wesleyan Assurance is the UK’s only provider of permanent group locum cover and, once underwritten, the terms of the policy cannot be altered.

We will also continue to provide cover no matter how many claims you make. In fact, Wesleyan paid over £1.5m in claims during 2007.

Comprehensive cover
Unlike many policies, we can provide cover if a colleague is absent due to stress or depression. Practice Protector also includes amateur extreme sports, HIV and needlestick infection, plus complications arising from pregnancy.

Plus, if other GPs from your practice need to step in for an absent member of staff, you can claim for their extra time too.

At your convenience
Your time is valuable – that’s why it takes just one appointment with your dedicated Wesleyan Medical Sickness Financial Consultant to assess your locum needs. We’ll visit at a time that suits you and help you choose the right level of cover.

Contact us for cover you can rely on
Having protection you know you can depend on is surely invaluable. Find out how you and your patients could benefit from Practice Protector.


Call 0800 980 1274 quoting reference 45155
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