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Improving patient engagement and experience

25 February 2015

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Sponsored feature: MJOG

How does MJog increase your patient engagement?

1. Provides patients with choice on how they receive your communications – whether this is through SMS, voice or email, patients opt in to how they wish to hear from you.

2. Send Annual patient surveys, including the Friends and Family Test, via SMS rather than through the post – generate much higher response rates and dramatically cut support time and costs.

3. Provides a two-way messaging service – which allows patients to cancel appointments which you can re-use for increasing access.

4. Patients can receive and reply to your communications 24/7, 365 days a year – while they are shopping or on the go, which fits in better with their busy lifestyle.

5. Automatic appointment confirmations – means patients know exactly when their appointment is coming up, .and texts act as a regular reminder in their inbox.

6. Prescription ready messages – can be sent to patients giving them notice of exactly when they can pick up their prescription.

Giving greater patient choice and feedback

Patients who have opted in to the MJog service through their preferred method of communications (SMS, voice or email) respond in greater numbers than through traditional methods of communication. With patients having busy lifestyles, they want to be able to respond to and access healthcare information 24/7. A dedicated practice Text-In number gives them an easy way to contact you, whatever the time of day, which means there is no cost or the frustration of trying to get through to your reception. Allowing incoming text messages provides a modern, cost effective solution, which better suits more than 80% of the UK population who rely on their mobile phone as their primary communications device.

With MJog you can

●Reach 100% of your patients.

●Give your patients greater choice.

●Schedule your health campaign messages for the year.

●Simplify management of chronic disease invites.

●Raise efficiency of your clinical team and administration staff.

●Increase Practice QOF income and lower communication costs.


“Patients have found it extremely useful to be able to automatically cancel their appointments [through MJog], by texting us back. Those responses are then recorded automatically.” Panton Practice


How are practices engaging with their patients?

“We use our Annual Patient Survey to get feedback on our services…using an MJog SMS campaign we delivered over 9,000 SMS messages which included a link to the survey generating over 5% response rate. It saved us handing out leaflets and asking them to complete the survey by hand.”

One Medicare

“MJog’s Friends and Family Test solution has been a godsend. All we had to do was follow the instructions to enable it and we’re sending SMS messages to patients for their feedback! We can see the feedback straight away and it helps our practice enormously.” Freuchen Medical Centre


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