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How questionnaires can help your patients this autumn

12 October 2022

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Questionnaires can help practices secure greater patient engagement when they tap into national awareness days. This explains how.

In all sectors, questionnaires measure people’s satisfaction with a particular service or product. They can be just as effective in healthcare for gathering feedback from patients.

Our online patient questionnaires help practices capture crucial data on the health of their patients. They assist your practice in monitoring patients’ long-term conditions and keeping medical records updated.

How do patient questionnaires work?

The process is simple. The patient receives a text message containing a link, which opens a secure online questionnaire. This can be accessed via a smartphone or an internet browser.

After completing the questionnaire, the patient’s answers are recorded on their medical record using clinical codes. Their answers are also sent to the practice for review via the Mjog by Livi platform.

Using NHS Campaign Days to boost patient engagement

NHS campaign days are an excellent opportunity to reach out to specific patient groups using questionnaires to collect information. Autumn plays host to several significant awareness day, including World Mental Health Day and Stoptober, where smokers are encouraged to quit for 28 days in October.

For Stoptober, data collected from patient questionnaires on smoking habits could be used as part of a targeted campaign to encourage quitting cigarettes.  Your practice can provide advice, external links and support to patients.

Using Mjog’s batch messaging, practices can also share information and resources.

The best way to approach these types of campaigns is to plan ahead. Timing questionnaires with such events can be an effective way to increase engagement.

How we can help

If you’re interested in learning more about our patient questionnaires and how Mjog by Livi can help your practice, get in touch.  To request a demo, please email [email protected] And, if you’re an existing customer, you’ll see information on various features when you log in to the platform.

For more information on how Mjog by Livi can help your practice hit QOF targets, click here.

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