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Autumn Covid jabs and QOF targets: how tech can support practices

14 September 2022

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The Covid infection rate may be falling across the UK, but vaccination activity is on the rise – the autumn Covid booster campaign has begun. 

Health officials are urging anyone who is eligible, but has not yet had a vaccine or booster in the past six months, to get one. This is particularly important for people over the age of 75, who are more at risk from serious disease. 

With the autumn vaccination programme now underway, it will be a busy few months ahead. So, it is a good time to be mindful of QOF indicators that carry a deadline, and how digital tools continue to support practices as they undertake the vaccination programme.

Maintaining practice income

QOF is a system designed to remunerate general practices for providing good quality care to their patients, and to help fund work that will further improve the care that is delivered.

Although QOF is a voluntary process for all surgeries in the UK, its return this year has meant that being aware of and complying with all its rules is important for maintaining practice income.

Empowering healthcare professionals

Mjog by Livi supports general practice with industry-leading software that empowers healthcare professionals to give their patients the best possible health outcome and, in turn, makes the QOF process more efficient.

Since QOF was reintroduced earlier this year, Mjog by Livi has been working with practices across the UK to help hit their QOF targets, through engaging remote messaging and appointment reminders.

In fact, we help more than 4,000 practices engage with patients every day, through our intuitive, flexible, and scalable solution.

Our industry-leading batch messaging system allows a practice to target groups of patients with specific information and treatment pathways.  It gives you the freedom to schedule messages up to a year in advance.

Our appointment reminders are flexible and customisable for specific practice needs, and allow patients to rearrange or cancel if they need to.

For more information on how Mjog by Livi can help your practice hit QOF targets, click here.

Copy supplied by Mjog by Livi

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