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A simple solution to interruption and delays in the clinical typing process

15 December 2009

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PreScribe provides secure and cost-effective medical audio-typing services to NHS and private healthcare organisations across the UK

Dr George Malek, Specialist Healthcare’s Clinical Director, works in partnership with University Hospital of Birmingham to provide an Orthopaedic Assessment and Treatment Service based at Greet Health Centre (GHC). This serves all GPs and patients in Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust. The service retains 85% of patients in the community who would otherwise have been sent to hospital, thus avoiding needless hospital visits and improving patient pathways.

In 2007, Dr Malek looked into outsourcing their clinical audio-typing to help alleviate issues that were hindering their delivery of a high-quality service to their patients.

The problems
Dr Malek was experiencing difficulties in recruitment, retaining secretaries and maintaining a streamlined facility due to staff shortages, job changes and absences. The conclusion in this case was that outsourcing their typing would be a cost-effective way to overcome these issues.

The solution
The company they chose to provide this valuable transcription service to them is PreScribe from InventAsia Limited, who were able to react immediately to the situation, getting the practice up and running within a few days and sending work from their own systems with no need for additional software or IT intervention.

Dr Malek says that the greatest improvement PreScribe has made to their business is “continuous uninterrupted service” with rapid turnaround times (24 hours) and high-quality work, assisting him to deliver first-class care to all of his patients.

Specialist Healthcare continued to expand the service within the last two years, and the typing service has proven to be a very flexible resource with the capacity for varying volumes of work.

“I don’t know what we would have done without PreScribe! The service is excellent in every way and the quality/standard of typing is very high – the service has covered vacancies and frees up secretaries to look at other things with regard to patient care. Excellent customer service – problems, if any, are dealt with immediately. This is essential in a busy health centre where time is of the essence”
– Linda Townsend, Service Manager

Dr Malek and Service Manager Linda Townsend are very forward thinking, constantly looking for new and improved ways to deliver patient care, which included becoming early adopters of outsourcing. Moving forward, as healthcare services develop within the community, they will continue to reap the benefits of their partnership with PreScribe.


Above: Service Manager Linda Townsend and Dr George Malek of Specialist Healthcare.